At A Glance

The #1 indicator of a lasting, successful recovery is length of time in treatment. Period. A second critical factor is neutralizing the urges and cravings to use or take pills in the early months of recovery. This program excels at both. The Naltrexone pellet not only stops those powerful desires for these drugs (for about 6 months), but blocks their ‘pleasure effect’ as well. What’s more, traditional treatment lasts only 30 days while our Certified Support extends to 12 months…and within your everyday daily life.

The Four Cornerstones of the BioCorRx Recovery Program:

  1. A safe, small Naltrexone pellet implant that lasts about 6 months
  2. 1:1 Counseling (16-20 sessions) to complete our proprietary Recovery Program
  3. 12 months of Recovery Coaching (structured and as-needed)
  4. 12 months of Peer Recovery Support with a certified specialist (structured and as-needed)


“For those who complete our entire program and

actively participate in the peer support community,

about 80% remain sober.”


Program Highlights:

  • Safely stops the powerful urges & cravings to use opiates/opioids
  • Blocks any ‘pleasurable’ effects from opiates/opioids
  • A comprehensive, proven 35-Point Recovery Program
  • Continue working, living at home while you recover
  • Safe, near painless procedure, takes about 15 minutes
  • FDA-approved Naltrexone: Non-narcotic, Non-addictive
  • Recovery rates far superior to Inpatient/12 Step Programs
  • Relapses/Binges nearly impossible with the Naltrexone implant

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Recovery may well be the hardest work you ever undertake, but there is no other reward in life that comes close. If you have your sobriety, you can then have everything else…if you don’t, you won’t have anything, at least not for long.

The simple fact is, most people just don’t make it beyond the first six months of attempted sobriety. Of those who go through conventional treatment programs, 30% relapse within 30 days and roughly 80% relapse within the first year. Many can’t even make it a day or a week.


The ‘need’ or ‘drive’ to use drugs or pop pills has been so deeply hard-wired into the brain for years, that we just have no defense when those urges and cravings strike. We simply cave. Usually it’s the thought “I’ll just take a couple to get me through, it will NEVER be like it was before when I lost control. I have changed, I’m different now, I got it this time.” We are delusional.

It doesn’t take long before we are swept back into the insanity of active addiction, and it only gets worse, never better. Those overpowering urges may win now or they may win later, but in the end they always win. And it’s usually because we think we can manage our using well enough to get by, or it will somehow magically get better. Deep down we know we are just lying to ourselves yet again.

We have a way out of this madness, a comprehensive program that works unlike any other out there.

It is an genuine opportunity to help you create a lasting recovery and the life you want by medically stopping the desire for opiates (as well their pleasure effect or “high”) throughout the early months. Think about that: Would you really be using if you didn’t crave or want that high??

Outpatient Treatment Program

This innovative, confidential Outpatient Treatment Program, developed by BioCorRx , is centered around the non-narcotic, non-addictive Naltrexone pellet implant. The medicine in the tiny 100% biodegradable implant safely and quickly stops not just the desire for alcohol, but blocks its ‘pleasure effect’ as well. Because it lasts for about 6 months, you now have an unprecedented opportunity to integrate the proven concepts of our proprietary 35-point Recovery Program into your everyday life, and at a time when your risk of relapse is by far the greatest. What’s more:

” Alcohol relapses/binges with the implant are highly unlikely due to the medical blocking of the ‘pleasure receptors’ in the brain. Both the desire and craving for alcohol, as well as any pleasure effect from it, are greatly reduced and usually eliminated. This lasts for about 6 months.”

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT)

We combine this Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)  with a multi phase Counseling and Support program to address and attack alcoholism at every point. While the pellet implant is a highly effective ‘tool’ in helping you stop drinking now, what helps you get alcohol out of your life for good is our 35-Point Recovery Program. It consists of:

  • Personalized Therapy: 16-20 one-on-one sessions with a highly credentialed Counselor
  • 12 months of structured/as-needed sessions with your certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist
  • 12 months of structured/as-needed sessions with your personal Recovery Coach

This is a real-life, real-time program where you continue working, living at home, and caring for your family and responsibilities. It’s the only program of its kind, and fast becoming the new Gold Standard for Outpatient Recovery .

Our Approach

We believe in this approach because we’ve seen the amazing results. If you want to get alcohol out of your life at the deepest level of your being, and you are honestly willing to do the work in the program, you can recover, really, you can! And without the obsessions, urges and constant battles with cravings that cause so many to relapse. Simply stated, put your recovery above all else and the reality of the life you truly want will slowly begin to appear…. and as close, as vital as your own beating heart.

This we can promise you.