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The simple fact is, most people just don’t make it beyond the first few months of sobriety. The ‘need’ or ‘drive’ to drink or use has been hard-wired into the brain for years, and is just too powerful. It may win now or it may win later, but it always seems to win.

We have a way out of this madness that works unlike any other.

It is an unrivaled opportunity to help you create a lasting recovery and the life you want by medically stopping the desire for drugs & alcohol (as well as their effects) throughout the early months. Think about that: Would you really be drinking or using if you didn’t crave it??

This innovative Outpatient Treatment Program, developed by BioCorRx , is centered around the non-narcotic, non-addictive Naltrexone pellet implant. The medicine in the tiny 100% biodegradable implant safely and quickly stops not just the desire for drugs and alcohol, but blocks their ‘pleasure effects’ as well. Because it lasts for about 6 months, you now have an unprecedented opportunity to integrate the concepts of recovery into your everyday life at a time when the risk of relapse is highest.

We combine this Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) approach with a multi-phase program of 16 sessions of 1:1 personalized therapy, and up to 12 months of Recovery Coaching and certified Peer Recovery Specialists. A real-life, real-time program where you continue working, living at home, and caring for your responsibilities. This is the only program of its kind, and fast becoming the new Gold Standard for Outpatient Recovery. What’s more:

“Relapses/Binges with the implant are highly unlikely due to the medical blocking
of the ‘pleasure receptors’ in the brain. This lasts for about 6 months.”

Naltrexone - BioCorRx Recovery Program Overview
We believe in this approach because we’ve seen the amazing results. And if you want to recover, you can…really…if you are willing to do the hard work…yet without the obsessions, urges and constant battles with cravings at every turn. If you put your Program of Recovery above all else, the possibility of the life you truly want will slowly begin to appear…. and as real, as vital as your own beating heart.

This we can promise you.

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