Please read these amazing and truly life-affirming testimonials from alcoholics and addicts around the world sharing just how dramatically the Naltrexone implant has helped turn their lives (and their family’s) around, freeing them from the horrors of alcoholism and addiction. Untold thousands are on the road to recovery after years of abuse and suffering. While the Naltrexone implant itself has been working wonders around the world for nearly two decades as you will see below, the BioCorRx Naltrexone implant, though only a few years old in here in the U.S., has set out to dramatically change lives right here in our own backyard…and the success rate thus far is more than admirable–about 85% for those who complete the program and stay active in recovery. Following are success stories from the BioCorRx Program (formerly known as The Start Fresh Program) as well as from the Naltrexone implant itself*: