A small, safe pellet implant helps you stop, now. It not only blocks the ‘pleasure effects’ from alcohol and opioids, but more importantly it blocks those urges, cravings and intense desires that keep us locked in the cycle of addiction. Now free of this madness, the real work of sobriety can take root like never before so you can get addiction out of your life--once and for all.

• Works effectively 24/7 and for months

• Steadily releases non-narcotic/non-addictive FDA-approved Naltrexone

• 100% Biodegradable/completely dissolves over time

• Safe, simple 15-minute procedure with minimal discomfort

• Offering 3, 6 or 12-month tailored recovery programs (Outpatient)

Let’s be 100% clear: this pellet is not a cure. But it is a very effective opportunity for those committed to sobriety. It’s a stopping of the mental and physical madness of active addiction that most call AMAZING, LIFE SAVING and EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO BREAK THROUGH! (see testimonials). It’s an immediate relief from the madness that addiction causes you, your family, your employer and your bank account.

Why is this medical foundation so important? So you can uncover, discover and successfully work through the root causes of addiction without those constant cravings that cause the vast majority to relapse, especially in the early weeks and months. You can now freely focus on learning and living the Principles of Recovery in your daily life.

The Heart and Soul of our program is the 1:1 Work: Our expert team of Recovery Coaches, Therapists, Peer Support Specialists, and Doctors will most definitely help you help yourself to get firmly established in a life of sobriety, but lasting recovery is up to you. This is your future, your life…what could be more important?

We will be with you every step of the program, but NOBODY can ever do the actual work of recovery for you. You must take ownership, responsibility and initiative at every turn.

Recovery Success Rates:

Traditional Treatment: About 10%

Our Program: About 80%

Igotsober Recovery Center is not for everybody. If true and lasting sobriety is what you want, then you must be willing to make significant lifestyle changes, many of which can prove difficult. A lot of people claim they want to get sober, but then shy away when it comes to making the necessary commitment for change.

With your sobriety, you are free to do just about anything in life. Without it, you are free to do just about nothing. What will your choice be?

If getting sober is finally the top priority in your life, call 402-552-8890 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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  • Alcohol Program

    The #1 indicator of successful recovery is length of time in treatment. A second critical factor is overcoming those compulsive urges to drink in the early months. This program excels at both. The Naltrexone pellet blocks both the desire for alcohol (for about 6 months) and its 'pleasure effect'. Moreover, our certified Recovery Support extends to 12 months.

  • Opioid Program

    The simple fact is, most people just don't make it beyond the first months of attempted sobriety. The urges and cravings to use drugs or pop pills is so deeply hard-wired into the brain, that we just have no real defense when that 'need' strikes. We simply cave. Usually it’s the thought “I'll just take a couple this time, that's it. It won't be like before.

  • Naltrexone

    Naltrexone is an FDA-approved medicine that not only eliminates/greatly reduces the desire for alcohol and opiates, but effectively blocks their 'pleasure' effects as well. It can be highly effective for: alcohol, heroin, and all opioids, and has been shown to significantly improve the success rate for alcohol and addiction recovery programs.

  • Opiate Detox

    The revolutionary "Bridge Device" is a small, FDA cleared electronic device worn behind the ear, and delivers tiny electrical signals into the brain that block the transmission of pain signals sent from the spine/brain. It provides for a safe, reasonably comfortable detox and is worn during the initial 3-5 days when withdrawal pain and symptoms are most severe.


About half or less than the average 30-day inpatient treatment. Exact price is based on your personalized needs, and we have flexible financing plans with same-day approval. Application process takes about 5 minutes. We're ready when you are.

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Clarification: Jeremy and Leo both began their recovery in 2011. While Jeremy obviously had the procedure, the report accidentally states Leo did also, but this was not the case. Thank you.

What Our Patients Are Saying
  • Kelly J.L. Raleigh, NC

    The decision to reach out for help is hard, embarrassing, and extremely difficult. When I was introduced to Leo, he immediately took me under his care and has been devoted to my recovery ever since. Working with IGotSober is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Leo helped me find the right resources for medical care that immediately sent my road to recovery in the right direction.

    I’ve been to rehab, outpatient therapy, countless meetings and met with many therapists. There is something unique and special about a man who has experienced the deep depths of addiction and is now walking the walk of recovery. He is a living example of how wonderful recovery can be.

    Throughout this journey, Leo has been instrumental in helping with my day to day struggles. When we first met in person, I was extremely sick in a hotel. My journey has been positive ever since!

    Leo knows what to say, understands, and does not judge. He has been there. He answers my calls, checks on me, and responds even when he is not obligated to do so.

    His life’s mission is to help others. He is more than just a therapist or a doctor. He and his team have helped me tremendously. He will always be on my team and my forever friend.

    Making the call for help is hard. But I am here to say that it is worth it. You are worth it. Make the call and get IGotSober on your side. You will not regret it.

  • Katy D. Testimonial

    This program has really been working great for me. I was in and out of AA for over 5 years and maybe I just wasn’t ‘ready’ as we say in recovery. I know people get sober going to meetings but it just wasn’t me. Actually a lot of meetings I went to I’d wind up drinking afterward, and I know I’m responsible for my actions but I’m just saying. And honestly it made me question myself as if I can ever stop drinking, and this fear just made things worse.  I’ve been in the I Got Sober Program for about 6 months now and I really can’t remember the last time things have felt this right in my life, especially my marriage. I can actually look my husband in the eyes and feel like I’m me when I do, that hasn’t happened in a long time. The lies have stopped and that may be the greatest thing that has happened, I’m able to be honest! The implant definitely helped (it is just a tool as they’ll tell you but it works) and allowed me to really get my feet under me for the first time in ages it seems like. Working with Leo, Jennifer and Aaron is what has helped me in ways I’d never seen coming before. It feels like for the first time in my life the pieces are actually falling into place in my life which has really been a puzzle since I don’t know when. I’ve been through a an awful lot and realize I brought most of it on from my drinking and my decisions. The changes I’ve been making have been difficult at first but it seems that in no time I can’t believe I didn’t make them before.  I guess I just never thought they would matter, but they do, and being high on life is true! Anyway I know it’s still early (Leo says we’re always early in recovery ;-)) but if these past months are any idea of what I’m capable of doing with my sobriety than I only get more excited knowing I’m doing the right things to make it happen. If you’ve tried to quit before and you just can’t keep it going, the I Got Sober Program really does give you an entire new way of living. You have to make the changes in your life but if you do, I’m living proof your life can turn around. They really do care about me and have been available for me during my roughest times as I grow, not just during our face to face time. I’ve had some big lights go on from just our phone talks. You have to want recovery and if you do, you’ll get all the support and help you can ever want in the I Got Sober Program, the implant is just the start. I plan on doing another testimonial when I hit my one year mark, but I’ve made it this far and so can you if sobriety is the most important thing!

  • Mick M. Testimonial

    I am a former law enforcement officer and went through a lot of really heavy stuff, and I turned to to alcohol to escape all my issues. I really just shut down and used alcohol to cope with pretty much everything in life after awhile. I went through two inpatient programs and an intensive outpatient but they just didn’t seem to stick. I was ok for awhile and then it was just too easy to go back to my old self. My wife saw I Got Sober online and actually made the appointment for me and from the first meeting with Leo I knew this program was different and I actually had a different type of hope than I’d had, cos I didn’t think there was any real hope any more. He understood in a way nobody really had before about alcoholism, at least for me.

    I got the procedure with the implant not too long after and it really was something else in giving me a freedom from that devil that controlled me for so long. It was weird not even really wanting to drink. But it was the people that I have worked with in the program that have helped me to where I am now, almost a year sober and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good and confident about being who I am. I can’t ever say never but I can tell anybody who will listen that this program has given me a new life. It may not be for everybody but it damn sure has been the game changer for me and my family. If you are struggling you owe it to yourself and your family to get help. This was the help I needed that’s for sure.

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