Naltrexone Pellet Implant + A Comprehensive Recovery Program

A small, safe pellet implant helps you stop, now. Works 24/7 and for months. Steadily releases non-narcotic, non-addictive FDA-approved medication. 100% Biodegradable. Completely dissolves over time. Simple 15 minute procedure.

Not only blocks the ‘pleasure effects’ from Alcohol and Opioids, but most importantly it essentially neutralizes those urges, cravings, uncontrollable desires, that dominating NEED to drink or use. In other words, that mental obsession that keeps us locked in the prison of addiction all but disappears. Free of this madness, the work of sobriety can now begin.

Let’s be 100% clear: this is no ‘cure’. However, it is highly effective opportunity. It’s a stopping of the mental and physical madness of active addiction that most call “Amazing”, “Life Saving" and “EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO BREAK THROUGH!” (see testimonials). A stepping out of the living hell active addiction causes you, your family, your employment, your bank account and your entire social network.

Why is this so important? So you can uncover and successfully work through the root causes of your addiction without the constant mental battles that cause the vast majority to relapse in the early months. You can freely focus on learning and living the Principles of Recovery each and every day. A sincere, uncompromising commitment to sobriety is the only place where any such ‘cure’ may exist.

We can help get you sober, but your Recovery (aka YOUR LIFE!) is up to you. Specialists and a support network can most definitely help, but nobody can ever do the work of recovery for you. You must take ownership, responsibility and initiative every step of the way. What you’ll get out of Recovery is the same as Life: exactly what you put into it. It’s not only the best way, it’s the only way that can possibly work!

We’ll do our part if you do yours. Sound fair?

100% Confidential and Outpatient
  • Alcohol Program

    The #1 indicator of successful recovery is length of time in treatment. A second critical factor is overcoming those compulsive urges to drink in the early months. This program excels at both. The Naltrexone pellet blocks both the desire for alcohol (for about 6 months) and its 'pleasure effect'. Moreover, our certified Recovery Support extends to 12 months.

  • Opioid Program

    The simple fact is, most people just don't make it beyond the first months of attempted sobriety. The urges and cravings to use drugs or pop pills is so deeply hard-wired into the brain, that we just have no real defense when that 'need' strikes. We simply cave. Usually it’s the thought “I'll just take a couple this time, that's it. It won't be like before.

  • Naltrexone

    Naltrexone is an FDA-approved medicine that not only eliminates/greatly reduces the desire for alcohol and opiates, but effectively blocks their 'pleasure' effects as well. It can be highly effective for: alcohol, heroin, and all opioids, and has been shown to significantly improve the success rate for alcohol and addiction recovery programs.

  • Opiate Detox

    The revolutionary "Bridge Device" is a small, FDA cleared electronic device worn behind the ear, and delivers tiny electrical signals into the brain that block the transmission of pain signals sent from the spine/brain. It provides for a safe, reasonably comfortable detox and is worn during the initial 3-5 days when withdrawal pain and symptoms are most severe.


About half or less than the average 30-day inpatient treatment. Exact price is based on your personalized needs, and we have flexible financing plans with same-day approval. Application process takes about 5 minutes. We're ready when you are.

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Clarification: Jeremy and Leo both began their recovery in 2011. While Jeremy obviously had the procedure, the report accidentally states Leo did also, but this was not the case. Thank you.

What Our Patients Are Saying
  • Daniel Jacobs

    I have received a Naltrexone implant before after I realized that I can’t beat the addiction on my own. From day one after the implant I felt that I had more energy, I can think more clearly and my business benefits from this as I can make more informed decisions. At no stage after the implant I felt a need or craved for drugs or alcohol as I was high on life. My relationship with my wife changed overnight as she realized that I wouldn’t take a chance with drugs or alcohol as my life had so drastically changed for the better. Drugs and alcohol is a habit and Naltrexone gives you the chance and time to get rid of the habit. After the implant one feels human again.

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